What is green technology

There’s an overall trend towards environmentalism across all sectors. Whether this means restaurants banning plastic straws, a transition to clean energy sources, or purchasing carbon offsets, society as a whole has witnessed an uptick in sustainability. Recently, green technology has become increasingly popular. Learn all about what green technology is and why it’s important.

What are examples of green technology?

As the “green” in its name implies, green technology features an onus on sustainability. And the technology portion, well, that’s pretty wide-ranging. Overall, green tech concentrates on sustainable innovation which factors in short-term and long-term environmental effects.

1. LED Lighting

A simple example of green tech is LED lighting. By avoiding incandescent lights, there’s a substantial gain on efficiency. LED light bulbs use less energy than traditional incandescents. Plus, LED lights prove vital outside pure visual aids. Instead, they’ve been implemented in vertical farming and have even combated malaria. Smart LEDs are a simple smart home upgrade that even apartment dwellers may adopt.

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