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green web hosting

When choosing a host one should consider what the company’s performance is as a service provider, the services they provide and how great customer service it provides. Many people do not consider the impact that their hosting provider can have on the environment.

However the energy conservation movement is beginning to be a top priority because of the rising costs for energy and production methods being brought to the forefront. Renewable energy sources like wind and solar power are now more affordable than ever, and individuals are choosing green options increasingly for homes and enterprises, and finding they can generate enough energy to fulfill their daily requirements.

Efficiency in energy is also an issue for many internet hosting firms. The equipment required to run a hosting platform requires lots of energy and hosting companies are constantly trying to find ways to lower the energy consumption. Rack-mounted servers and other devices must be operational 24×7. If you think about the fact that an average data center has hundreds, or even thousands of of rack-mounted equipment it is easy to imagine how huge the energy consumption is.

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Certain Web hosting firms are conscious of the effect of this in the environmental footprints of their operations , and they’ve begun to try to cut down on their energy use by adopting a green approach to web hosting.

What is Green Web Hosting?

Hosting websites with green web design is an greener greener, more eco-friendly method of hosting websites. The aim of the majority of green web hosting firms is to offer high-quality services, while doing all they can to minimize their carbon footprint.

An approach that is common is to create the same or a larger amount of energy than is consumed and then return the energy into the power grid. An enterprise can produce energy by using renewable power sources like wind and solar. These technologies are the best examples of energy production that is green and are two of the best and eco sustainable methods of producing electricity we are able to use.

What happens if a business does not want to invest in an energy grid, or a wind farm?

An eco-friendly webhosting business does not have to produce their own energy to supply to the server. They can delegate the responsibility to a green energy provider.

Businesses are able to acquire green tags by contacting green energy companies that have been certified to market them. For every Green tag bought the green energy certified supplier will supply a specified quantity of electricity to the grid for the web hosting company who purchased the tag.

This is understandable, as the cost of producing any form of electricity is very high. Renewable energy, although becoming cheaper, is very expensive when it is scaled for the electricity demands of the data center.

Utilizing a green energy supplier is a great method Web hosting firms can reduce their energy use without the need to produce the energy themselves.

Another method for a business to take responsibility for their use of energy is through recycling programs that grant companies carbon credits. These credits enable businesses to erase the carbon they’ve contributed towards the world system.

Green Web Hosting Certification Types

There are a variety of levels of green certification offered by various certification bodies, however the two primary types of certifications for eco-friendly webhosting comprise Renewable Energy Certificates (REC) and Carbon Offset Certificates (VER).

  • Renewable Energy Certificates (REC): These are commonly referred to by the name of Green tags, although you may also find them called Renewable Electricity Certificates or Tradable Renewable Certificates.

In the US These certificates are used to show that 1 megawatt-hour worth of electricity was generated from an energy source that is renewable and then re-introduced into the grid of electricity. This assures that the energy utilized for web hosting company has been replaced with an energy provider that is renewable.

  • Carbon Offset Certification (VER): Think of carbon offsets as a means of making up for the carbon produced as a result the production of energy and consumption. For web hosting firms with huge data centers It is logical to be certified using carbon offsets. It’s a great method of ensuring that their energy consumption is in accordance with the regulations of the country in which they’re operating.

Recycling is a good method to earn carbon offset certificates and can reduce the carbon footprint of an organization.

Its Benefits of Green Web Hosting

The biggest advantage of green web hosting is that it’s an green method of getting your site up and running.

If you’re helping the environment by cutting down the footprint on carbon of your web hosting company or by putting to the gridsystem, environmentally friendly hosting is about interacting more positively with the natural world.

For clients like you, and also for the hosting companies themselves, obtaining carbon credits is an integral aspect of the appeal. Numerous data center operators have realized that operating more efficiently will result in a lower carbon footprint, and not only reduced energy costs. It’s typically a mix of environmental and economic aspects that drive web hosting companies look for the REV and VER certifications.

Why Choose the Green Web Host?

People are green in many areas of their lives due to a variety of reasons. There is a global shift to sustainable and renewable energy sources, and this shift can be seen in the actions of both business and consumer.

The majority of people want to appreciate technology but not at the cost of the environmental.

In reducing our carbon footprint in all ways feasible, the goal is that we’ll use less energy, which will offset the energy use in other areas.

Greening your web hosting can make a significant impact in how carbon-intensive your site. No matter how your service is certified green and you’ll be aware that by selecting a green hosting service it will give back at least the amount of energy as you’re consuming.

If more people follow the similar approach, and if enough data centers work towards efficiency in data use, the web’s carbon footprint could be greatly diminished.

Join the Party via Green Web Hosting

Green web hosting could bring positive effects for your business or personal site.

You will not only have pleasure knowing you’re doing your part to help the environment, but your customers will also be aware of it! It’s a great idea to proudly display your site’s green credentials and let people know that you truly care about the earth. Perhaps you can persuade a few people to take a greener approach to their own lives.

If you spread the word to the world at large it will help to promote an eco-friendly revolution where we all concentrate on energy efficiency and sustainable living.

If everyone takes part, we could make a significant difference.

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